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Diwali Challenge for Kids-2022

It’s Diwali - The Biggest Indian Festival!

And we parents are feeling excited as well as overwhelmed, with the preparations that come with it.

Life Skills Learnings understands all parents, wanting to involve kids in festival preparations and learn essential Life Skill like Sharing work with family, Gratitude, Understanding of our Culture & Traditions, Cleanliness, Cooking, Creativity

So this Diwali, let's do it together with Fun Challenges for kids

What is Diwali Challenge?

 A 3 Skills 3 day Diwali Fun Challenge Series from 22nd October to 24th October.22.  

Age Appropriate challenges for kids divided into two age groups

1) *For kids 5-8 years old*

22nd Oct : “Picture Postcard”

Enhance the creative side of kids by Diwali Greeting Card creation for loved ones with a heartfelt message.

  • Submit entries in the form of series of Photos/videos (Timelapse).

23rd Oct : “Diwali Storytelling ''

 It’s important for our kids to understand the significance of Diwali so let them share their understanding of why Diwali is celebrated and also one of their memories of Diwali celebration. 

  • Submit Entries in the form of Audio/ Video/Write Ups/ PPTs

24th Oct : “Design & Decor”

Show us how your kids help you Design and Decorate your home this Diwali may it be with DIYs Garlands, hand-painted Diyas, or Lanterns. 

  • Submit entries in the form of Before and After photos, Videos or Timelapse. 

2) For 9 years old & Above

 22nd Oct “Tidy Up & Spark Joy”- Cleaning is an important essence of Diwali so Let’s make them Reorganise, Declutter & Clean any part of their room. They can choose from their bed to study table to wardrobe or to toy closet and give away the things in Charity they have outgrown.

  • Submit Entries in the form of Before and After photos, Videos or Timelapse. 

23rd Oct “Delicious Dishes” - Let’s encourage our little chefs and make them prepare An Easy-to -Make, quick and fun dish(Sweet/Snack) to delight the taste buds this Diwali. 

  • Submit Entries in the form of Before and After photos/Videos/ Timelapse, Photo of final dish and short video of child preparing the dish.

24th Oct ”Share your Diwali Story”- And lastly, Tell us how you have celebrated your Diwali this year by incorporating the LifeSkillLearning’s Challenges. 

  • Submit Entries in the form of PPT/ write ups/ Audio video

How to Take up Diwali Challenge?


For participation in this challenge please 

  1. Fillup form at  - Diwali Challenge

  2. Follow us on Facebook

and Instagram

For Submission of Challenge: 

  1. Encourage your child to take all the 3 challenges in the series to whichever capacity they can accomplish for their holistic development. 

  2. As a proof of challenge accomplished by participant with minimal assistance please share  a series of pictures or videos in timelapse mode while participants take the challenge.      

  1. Submit your Video or Pictures entries for the challenge in form of post on your Facebook or Instagram, 

    1. Make your challenge post Public, so that we can locate your post.

    2. Tag Life Skill Learnings  & in your post.

    3. Must to add  #LSLDIWALI on your post, so it appears on LSL Diwali Challenge feed


  1. Submit your entries as per the challenge date on your Facebook and Instagram. Last date of submission is 26th October’22 EOD.

  2. Do Share/repost about LSL Diwali Challenge posts on your to spread joy to others. 

  3. Invite your friends & family to like your entries on Facebook/Instagram handles to earn brownie points. 

  4. For any queries email to or Whatsapp +919606056427

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