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Life Skill Learnings' Presents

Learner's Cafe

A Global Learning Community
for Kids


Leaners Cafe  vision is to inculcate essential Life Skills in kids like

  • Knowledge Sharing and Peer learning

  • Networking with peers across the globe  

  • Build Kids Center of Excellence for learning

  • Presentation Skills

  • Public Speaking Confidence

Latest Updates

Celebrating "Women's History Month"-2024

Join us by the fireside for an inspiring chat on Female Empowerment & Diversity in Women's Spaces! 🔥✨ 

Explore the power of inclusivity with our Esteemed speakers at Learners Cafe(an initiative by Life Skill Learnings)


🗓️ Date: March 16th,2024 (Saturday)
🕤 Time : 9:30 am PST
📝 Register at :


Let's ignite change together!

Women Empowerment 2024.jpeg

Winning Strategies & Tactics in Chess 

Chess enhances Memory and Concentration for kids and teaches essential Life Skills like-    

  • Perform under Pressure 

  • Plan and Strategize 3+ moves ahead

  • See Another Perspective

Join us to master Strategies & Tactics for Success in Chess and learn the most reputed Chess opening "Sicilian Defense, Najdorf Variation" in an interactive session between our Coach and International Chess Arbiter by FIDE - Mr. H. C Mouli & Student Vardhan R Gundeboina. 

Date: April 1st, 2023

Time: 09:30 am Pacific time/ 10:00 pm India time

FB Live:

For More Information, feel free to contact us.


Celebrating "Women's History Month"-2023

Every year, March is designated as Women's History Month, to celebrate the contributions of Strong women from the past and present and to help make our world a fairer, safer place for all.


To honor this month , LifeSkillLearnings is organizing a Fireside Chat with Ms. Padmasini Dayananda- Global Head of Volunteering led Social Impact,  #4 in the Top 10 diverse Leaders in UK Tech and many more. 

So come join us for this Exciting session on:

Date: 24th mar'23, Friday

Time: 9:30 am PST4:30 pm UK/10:00 pm IST

and share your thoughts on “Equity vs Equality- How to embrace it for Women of Tomorrow?”

White And Green Modern Join Our Volunteer Community Poster.png

How to be Trinity Certified Pianist- Live Webinar'25/02/2023

Join us for yet another enthralling Learner's Cafe Session by Trinity School of Music certified Pianists and Learn the strategies to succeed at the piano!

Date: This Saturday, 25th Feb'23

Time: 09:30 AM Pacific/ 11:30 AM Central/12:30 PM Eastern/ 11:00 PM India

Mr. Bunty Lama- He has dedicated 20 years to Music Learning, has been Piano Instructor for the past 12+years. He is Grade 8 certified from Trinity College of London.

Suchir Batchu-

He's a high schooler. When he was 9, he developed interest in learning piano after watching a school recital and has been learning Piano since then. Watch Suchir's performance here.

Jason Matthew-

Jason comes from a proud family of Musicians, Now with Jason following in their footsteps we are extremely proud of him carrying the family's musical tradition alive and are excited for what he is going to achieve in the future. 

Watch Jason's Performance here.

Register Now.

For More Information, please contact 


It’s Diwali - The Biggest Indian Festival!

And we parents are feeling excited as well as overwhelmed, with the preparations that come with it.

Life Skills Learnings understands all parents, wanting to involve kids in festival preparations and learn essential Life Skill like Sharing work with family, Gratitude, Understanding of our Culture & Traditions, Cleanliness, Cooking, Creativity

So this Diwali, let's do it together with Fun Challenges for kids.

Upcoming Learner's Cafe
"Free Chess Session for Kids"

Is your little one showing sparks of Chess? Then help them discover their hidden talent.

Here is an opportunity to learn & play chess!

Please  join  Learners Cafe this Sunday to learn from kids 'how grandmasters play'

Date: November 07th
Time: 9:30 am PST

Chess Instagram Announcement.png

Learner's Cafe
"Halloween Challenges for Kids"- 2021

Instigate the Holistic Skills of your Kid this Halloween!

Get ready for Lifeskill Learning's

Halloween Week Challenge!

5 Levels - 5 Days - 5 Skills

Level 1 - Write about your story in 10lines and caption it
Level 2 - Draw a character that is involved in your story
Level 3 - Create a COVER PAGE with the drawing and story
Level 4 - Take a Selfie related to your story
Level 5 - Create a Short Video by enacting yourself in your story


The winner will be announced on Halloween Day (31st October 2021)

Date: Oct 26th - Oct 30th

Learner's Cafe
"Faster & Accurate Mental Math"

Here is an opportunity to learn and get inspired to do faster, accurate Mental Maths!

Please  join  Learners Cafe this Sunday to learn from kids who have mastered Mental Math with Abacus 

Date: Oct 3rd

Time: 9:30 am PST/11:30 am CST/ 12:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UK / 10 pm India time

Learner's Cafe
"Faster & Accurate Mental Math"

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