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Refund and Cancellation Policy


Changes to the Price and Subscription Plans – We have subscription plans for our services on monthly basis or any other frequency as may be suitable and the prices for the plans are negotiated and informed during the availing of services. However, we may change our subscription plans and the price of our services from time to time based on our pricing models, however, any price changes or changes to your subscription plans will apply no earlier than 7 (Seven) days following notice to you. Additionally, if the User wishes to revise or change the Plan availed by the User, the User may do so by informing the Company. The Company may choose to accommodate or renegotiate or cancel the services solely on its own discretion.


The Platforms allows full refund to the Users in the following cases:

  • Refunds are processed by us when we are unable to provide services to the User but for which the payment has been made by the User.

  • We also process refund when User informs us of their intention to stop availing services for which the payment has been made and the User requests for refund. 

  • We also process refunds when there is a dispute in quality of service by User but the refund is provided solely on the discretion of the Company on case-to-case basis.

  • The User gets full refund for the number of unused classes (after deducting payment gateway charges). 

  • However, for group classes (with more than one student), if User misses joining a class that was taken by the instructor, then those classes are not refunded.

  • We provide a cash refund for unused part of services, after adjusting payment gateway charges.

  • The refunds are provided through mode which is mutually agreed upon but final decision shall rest on us.

  • All Refund requests shall be made by the User by emailing to, which will be the official mode of communication with the Platform and the Company for all information or queries related to payments and refunds. The Company shall waive all other means of communication made.

  • The Refund shall be completed between 7 to 15 days from the date of refund request made by the User.


You can cancel your subscription only with a prior intimation of 15 (Fifteen) days, and you will not be allowed to cancel your subscription without fulfilling the period of 15 (Fifteen) days prior intimation unless exemption explicitly by us on reducing the period.

The company at its sole discretion may cancel any subscription(s): 
a.  if it suspects a User has undertaken a fraudulent transaction, or 
b.  if it suspects a User has undertaken a transaction that is not following the Terms of use
c.  in case of unavailability of the Platform
d.  if the company can not provide or does not want to provide the User with services

We maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying Users and reserve the right to deny access to such Users at any time or cancel their request placed by them in future. Notwithstanding this policy, any specific terms and conditions mentioned on the service page, and/or as agreed with a User before/during/after the transaction, will override the terms and conditions mentioned herein in case of a conflict.

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