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Data Science & AI

Discover the magic in technology and have fun!

AI and Data Science have been used in many aspects of our lives for years. From content recommendations on Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa and even self-driving cars, their applications are vast and diverse. And they will continue to shape our future in profound ways. Students who are curious about technology and enjoy problem-solving find AI to be an exciting and rewarding field to explore.

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Why Learn This Skill With LSL?

Hands-On Learning Experience

At LSL, we believe in the power of doing. From day one, you'll be rolling up your sleeves and diving into real-world projects. Our industry-expert instructors are there to guide you through every step, making sure you gain the practical skills that top employers are looking for.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Stay ahead with our dynamic curriculum, designed to cover the latest advancements and trends in AI and ML. We cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Industry Connections

Thanks to our partnerships with leading AI and tech companies, you'll gain invaluable insights and networking opportunities. You'll get first-hand exposure to industry practices, challenges, and trends, giving you a serious edge in the job market.



Your success is our priority. Benefit from personalized career guidance, resume workshops, mock interviews, and job placement assistance. We're here to help you land your dream job in the exciting field of AI and ML.

Start your journey towards becoming a Data Science & AI expert. 

Take the Leap. Embrace the Future.

Benefits Of Learning Data Science & AI

Future-Proof Your Career

Mastering data science and AI prepares you for skills that are in high demand across industries like tech, finance, healthcare, and more. Basically, you’ll be set for life in the job market.

Boost Your Problem-Solving Skills

Data science and AI teach you to tackle complex problems and use data-driven solutions. It's like having a superpower for solving real-world issues.

Unleash Your Creativity

AI and data science allow you to design innovative solutions, build unique models, and experiment with cool algorithms. It's the perfect mix of tech and creativity.

Tons of Career Options

From being a data analyst to an AI specialist, the job opportunities are endless. Plus, these roles are some of the highest paying in the industry so you can secure that bag.

Tips To Excel With Data Science & AI

  • Stay Curious: AI is always changing. Keep exploring new ideas, tech, and research to stay ahead of the game and expand your knowledge base.


  • Build a Strong Foundation: Nail the basics of math, stats, and coding languages like Python. This solid foundation is key to mastering AI.


  • Hands-On Experience: Practice makes perfect! Get your hands dirty with projects, Kaggle competitions, and open-source contributions to gain real-world experience and show off your skills.


  • Never Stop Learning: Keep that growth mindset! Whether it's workshops, certifications, or online communities, always look for ways to learn and grow as an AI pro.


  • Network Like a Pro: Connect with other AI enthusiasts, attend industry events, and join online forums. Building a strong network can open doors and provide valuable insights into the latest trends and opportunities.

Success Stories

Our students have achieved remarkable success by winning chess tournaments at the US school level, Bay Area championships, state-level competitions, and more!

The Best Data Science & AI Course For Students

Learn the basic principles of data science, get introduced to data structures and data analysis, and start using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.


Foundations of Data Science


Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)


Machine Learning Fundamentals


Advanced Machine Learning Techniques


Applied Machine Learning


Capstone Project


Additional Learnings

  • Online tutorials, articles, and documentation.

  • Kaggle competitions for practice.

  • Guest lectures from industry experts



1.  What is a Data Science & AI course?

The Data Science & AI course prepares students with the skills to practice and perform intelligent data analysis, which is a key component in various real-world applications. In recent years, data science & AI has emerged as one of the most high growing, dynamic, and lucrative careers in technology.

2. How are data science and AI related?

Data Science involves a series of steps: pre-processing data, analyzing it, visualizing the results, and making predictions. AI, on the other hand, uses predictive models to forecast future events. While Data Science uses various statistical methods, AI relies on computer algorithms to make predictions and decisions.

3. What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A Data Scientist identifies data analytics problems, collects data from various sources, cleans and verifies it, and applies models and algorithms to mine data. They analyze and interpret data to extract insights and communicate findings through visualizations and reports. Their tasks include:

  • Collecting, cleaning, and organizing large datasets.

  • Performing exploratory data analysis to spot patterns and trends.

  • Building predictive models with statistical techniques and machine learning.

  • Communicating insights to stakeholders via visualizations and presentations.

  • Monitoring and improving model performance.

  • Staying updated with new technologies in data science.

  • Collaborating with engineers, business analysts, and subject matter experts.

The ultimate goal is to turn data into actionable insights for informed decision-making and business value.

4.  What are the differences between ​​artificial intelligence and data science?

  • Focus: AI aims to create systems that can learn and make decisions independently. Data Science focuses on analyzing data to identify patterns and insights.

  • Algorithms: Data Science uses statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. AI often employs advanced algorithms like deep learning and natural language processing.

  • Applications: AI automates tasks requiring human-like decision-making, such as chatbots and automated trading. Data Science develops models for AI systems, such as predicting customer behavior or identifying financial patterns.

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