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Public Speaking & Creative Writing

Strong communication skills are highly valued in any aspect of life, and children who can write well and speak confidently can have a significant advantage over others. The earlier they start, the easier it is. Public Speaking & Creative Writing is all about pushing the boundaries & our program enables kids to start thinking outside the box at an early stage. 


Why Choose Us?

Our public speaking and creative writing classes help kids conquer language barriers and become proficient experts in both writing and speaking.

Unleash Your Inner Speaker and Writer:


  • Overcoming Fear: Techniques to conquer anxiety associated with public speaking and writing.

  • Effective Communication: Learn to structure and deliver impactful speeches and stories.

  • Vocal & Writing Exercises: Improve tone, clarity, and projection, while also sparking creativity and imagination.

  • Body Language & Narrative: Master eye contact and stage presence for a compelling delivery, and dive into plot, character development, and conflict in writing.

  • Practical Experience: Engage in practice speeches, impromptu talks, group discussions, and creative writing activities.

  • Literary Devices & Techniques: Discover the power of metaphor, simile, and symbolism, and learn feedback and revision techniques to refine both speaking and writing.

  • Genre Exploration: Experiment with different writing genres, including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, while also exploring various public speaking formats.

Are you ready to captivate audiences and express your creativity?

Boost your confidence, and let your imagination soar.

Unleash The Imagination With Our Public Speaking & Creative Writing Classes

  • Learning body language, expressions, and digital body language through the Mime Act.

  • Learn Ted Talk techniques, Writing structure, and voice modulation techniques.

  • Crafting persuasive speeches, personal narratives, and effective speech delivery

  • Creating podcasts, videos, and leveraging new-age apps for content creation.

  • Engaging in humor writing, perfecting joke timing, and sharing funny anecdotes. 

  • Enhancing stage presence, overcoming stage fright, and confidence-building.

Writing an Essay


Our curriculum extends beyond just learning a skill.

01. Mime Magic: Express Yourself Without Words

02. TED Talk Triumph: Become the Next Viral Sensation

03. Read Aloud Riot: Bring Stories to Life

04. Speech Writing & Presentation Party: Craft & Deliver Like a Pro

05. Listening & Writing Challenge: Tune In and Write Out

06. Group Debate Showdown: Clash of the Titans

07. Essay World Adventure: Explore the Realm of Words

08. YouTube Channel Extravaganza: Be a Star Online

09. Stand-Up Comedy: Laugh Your Way to Success

10. Evaluation & Feedback Fiesta: Learn, Improve, Repeat


Arti Mishra

Arti Mishra is established as a successful professional with an MBA and a major in computers. With her wide-ranging and thorough academic background, Arti has marketed herself as a public speaking and creative writing specialist. As a degree-holding expert in both fields, she uses her technical prowess along with her articulate communication abilities to deliver not only gripping but also informative presentations and articles. Arti's enthusiasm for teaching and her commitment to high standards are qualities that are worth any team's and their project's envy. Her knowledge goes beyond being a role model; it is the beacon that guides others to unleash their true potential.

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1. What Is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is the way of presenting oneself on the stage with confidence and body language to persuade the audience and make them believe in one's point by presenting logical thoughts, ideas, stories, personal anecdotes, and a lot more.


2. Why Should I Enrol My Child In A Creative Writing Course? 

Each child is as unique as a snowflake, with their special qualities and abilities. Children are blessed with imagination and creativity, and we must give them the environment and exposure to succeed in life. Creative writing can shape your child’s future in more ways than you can imagine. 


3. How Can I Remove The Fear Of Public Speaking In My Child?

Stage fear can be removed with lots of mirror practice and performing in front of trustable friends and family. It can also be removed by providing Public speaking training online with LSL.


4. How Will The Creative Writing Programme Benefit My Child?

Ans. The Life Skill Learning public speaking and creative writing program partners with you and your child's journey in holistic english language development, conversation, grammar, vocabulary enrichment, elocution, and more. 


5. What Are Some Good Public Speaking Topics To Start At Home?

The best topics will be the ones that interest your child; for example, if your child loves to play with cars, ask him about his favorite car, or if your child loves to pretend to play as a doctor or cook, ask them what their favorite dish to make and how will they make it. Slowly and gradually, you can then start with family members, friends, their hobbies, etc.

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